2030 Commitment

Blackbird is pleased to announce our decision to join the AIA 2030 Commitment!

The 2030 Commitment is an “initiative that provides a framework to help firms evaluate the impact of project design on energy performance.” The main goal calls for all new buildings, developments, and major renovation to be carbon-neutral by year 2030.

It is important to our firm’s culture and identity to continue pushing innovative, elegant sustainable design in our projects and exemplify sustainable practices within our own studio environment and workflow. So it seems only natural for Blackbird to join the AIA 2030 Commitment!

AIA’s Design Data Exchange allows each firm to report their progress toward meeting their goals. This web database is a very efficient way to track overall progress. We look forward to sharing our results and tracking our progress.

Blackbird is committed to taking steps to help ensure we meet the end goal. Some of our first steps will be to track and report energy use in the office and provide an incentive program for employees who ride share, walk, or bike.

We will be reporting back as time goes by and goals are met, so stay tuned!

Read Bbird’s post to learn more about net-zero-building.