Blackbird Architects designs spaces where one will be easily and naturally oriented – where one has the sense of being at home in a place. We believe that a building and its environs are an integrated landscape for experience and enjoyment. Just as a tool can fit the hand and task comfortably, a place or building should embrace its inhabitants and their lives.

In our work, we value radiant space and light over expensive materials and difficult details. We design for the innovative use of proven technologies to realize spaces of clarity and beauty that will function extremely well for our clients over the long-term.

Our office, projects, and clients have been recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for design achievements where beautiful spaces are realized that conserve resources and are sensitive to our environment.


Since 2016 Blackbird Architects has been a signatory of the 2030 Commitment – a commitment to achieving carbon-neutral building design by the year 2030.


Our LEED-certified projects can be viewed here