Oak Knoll Home

Overlooking a pristine oak woodland hillside, the Oak Knoll Home connects open-plan living with serene mountain and woodland canopy views. A carefully balanced constellation of plantings and sheltering walls allows generous glazing to frame expansive views while preserving privacy from the street. Sensitively nestled among oaks, the design minimizes grading and site disturbance on an existing flat area while maximizing stormwater absorption. Expressive trussed roofs cant upwards forming dramatic indoor-outdoor living spaces flooded with soft northern daylight. Vegetated screens and building walls form intimate and welcoming outdoor rooms – arrival, breakfast patio, outdoor shower, spa, and terraces.

  • Location

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Services

    Architecture, Landscape

  • In Progress

    Anticipated Construction Start Summer 2024

Blackbird Team | Vandhana Balachandran, Raj Gajjar, Ray Twyford, Stefan Farmazon, Nazanin Parhoodeh, Alisa Oberjuerge, Ken Radtkey
Landscape Architect | VAI Van Atta Associates Inc.
Structural Engineer | Hume Engineers
Electrical Engineer | Alan Noelle Engineering
Mechanical, Plumbing, & Title 24 Engineer | Mechanical Engineering Consultants
Civil Engineer | Ashley & Vance Engineering, Inc.
Arborist | Duke McPherson