A House By The Park

Realizing a custom home is a tremendous effort, requiring a great team (owner, architect, contractor and many others) and clear communication.  At times the process and decisions for the owner may seem daunting, as people’s previous experience in construction and design can be highly variable.  We came across a great blog called A House by the Park authored by Mike – the owner of a custom residential project in Seattle, WA.

We think it is a tremendous compendium of information and a well documented owner’s side account of the process and decisions on one project from start to finish.  The time-lapse video is cool as well.

While most published articles on custom homes aren’t very forthcoming about actual costs, problems/challenges, and all the other hard learned lessons that occur, the blog is complete with info and details in nearly all areas of the process, including a full accounting (with spreadsheets) of every purchase that was made and when.  Interesting stuff and a great resource.