Carpinteria Sanitary District Headquarters Project Announcement


Recently completed! Carpinteria Sanitary District Administrative Headquarters Building. Upbeat and modern – yet residential in scale – building and landscape create a park-like setting and a new open space resource for the community.

Special thanks to all project collaborators.

Blackbird Team | Ken Radtkey, Ray Twyford, Stefan Farmazon, Alisa Oberjuerge, Ambikesh Mishra, Adam Sharkey,
James Kyle, Shaheen Ghazvinizadeh, Nazanin Parhoodeh, Fabio Rainoldi, Ian Bankhead

Client | Carpinteria Sanitary District
Landscape Architect | VAI Van Atta Associates Inc.
Structural Engineer | T&S Structural
Electrical Engineer | Alan Noelle Engineering
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer | Mechanical Engineering Consultants
Civil Engineer | Above Grade Engineering
Contractor | Newton Construction & Management, Inc.
Cost Estimator | C. P. O’Halloran Associates, Inc.
Photography | Alex Nye

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