Worth Considering: ‘Ecology and the Architectural Imagination’


California’s first  ‘gigafire’ reminds us once again of the urgency for environmental stewardship and has us recalling the sustainability leadership of architect and former Blackbird, Brook Muller.  

Brook’s first book, “Ecology and the Architectural Imagination“, advocates for a guiding principle of Blackbird Architects – the unique potential for architecture to connect project scale systems and experiences with natural systems at the regional scale.

When architecture includes ecological priorities early on in the design process, opportunities for social and environmental benefits abound.

Referenced in the book is the Blackbird project Casa Nueva – an award-winning example of how simple but bold design that merges landscape and architecture can create memorable connections to place.

Brook Muller is currently the Dean of the College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte and is working on a new, insightful book about water and architecture titled ‘Blue Architectures’.

Undoubtedly, Brook’s new book will provide worthy insight into the merging of environmental stewardship with poetic architectural experience.