Firefly Garden

Located on a ridge-top with spectacular views of the Santa Barbara coastline, the ‘Firefly’ garden healed a site previously graded insensitively by the former owners. This landscape transformation features a series of garden experiences inspired by nature and our client’s desire for a healthy life.

A potager garden and an orchard near the entry gates support our client’s vegan lifestyle. An aromatherapeutic chamomile path leads to the yoga deck that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, while a sandstone “stairway to heaven” leads to a trailhead connected to regional hiking trails.

A series of linked water features begins with a water lily pond at the drive court and follows a cascading runnel that falls into a sequence of still pools. Lawn terraces surrounded by silvery ‘fog gardens’ link the home to the infinity pool. A ‘Provence Garden’ complete with lavender and sunflowers, exists compatibly within the chaparral-covered slopes.

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    Santa Barbara, CA

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