Ona’s Garden

Our enthusiastic client had a long wish list of landscape features, all to occur on a sloping, two-acre property.

We translated this into a series of theme areas, using transitions, strategic separations, and level changes to create a series of individual gardens.  This resulted in an experience choreographed as an unfolding series of surprises. Looping around the entire landscape, a Wisteria arbor walk ties together this eclectic mix of gardens. This walk is under-planted entirely in cushiony scented chamomile; the client wanted to be able to walk barefoot everywhere.

Each area—including a Moon Garden, Fuzzy Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Secret Spiral Garden, Tropical Garden, Rose Garden, Gazebo in a Grass Sea Garden, infinity fountain, waterfalls, large koi pond with bridges and beach, and a “lawn” planted entirely in rain lilies—is its own scene set within the larger context of the whimsical overall story.

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    Hope Ranch, CA

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