Ocean Vista

Oriented to ocean and blufftop park vistas, the lively and articulated home opens up to the neighborhood. The design sets the L-shaped house back from the corner to create a beach-inspired garden as identity and amenity to passersby. A mix of one- and two-story elements create upper-level panoramic-view decks which extend the ‘upside-down’ floor plan (living spaces upstairs, bedrooms downstairs).

Garden-level entry and living spaces at the innovative two-level ADU allow daylit bedroom spaces partially below grade. Sustainably harvested wood rainscreen siding, rooftop solar panels, and native landscape contribute to the character of an iconic shoreline drive.

  • Location

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • Services


  • In Progress

    Anticipated Construction Start Spring 2024

Blackbird Team | Adam Sharkey, Fatima Jalali, Ken Radtkey, Raj Gajjar, Stefan Farmazon, Vandhana Balachandran
Landscape Architect | Ober-Scapes
Structural Engineer | T&S Structural
Electrical Engineer | Alan Noelle Engineering
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer | Mechanical Engineering Consultants
Civil Engineer | Ashley & Vance Engineering, Inc.
Planning Consultant | Suzanne Elledge Planning & Permitting Services, Inc.