Mountain Drive Residence 2

Complementing an existing main residence (originally designed by Blackbird) this second dwelling and terraces complete a nine-acre site master plan for the hillside property. 

Modestly sized and nestled into the hill, the design preserves and connects to expansive channel island and mountain views. The earthy and modern material palette extends and blends the new with existing to seamlessly merge the experience of architecture, landscape, and nature.

  • Location

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • In Progress

    Construction Start Spring 2024

Blackbird Team | Adam Sharkey, Alisa Oberjuerge, Fatima Jalali, Justin Sager, Ken Radtkey, Kat Seth, Ray Twyford, Subham Malpani
Landscape Architect | VAI Van Atta Associates Inc.
Structural Engineer | Doyle-Morgan Structural Engineering Inc.
Electrical Engineer | Alan Noelle Engineering
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer | Mechanical Engineering Consultants
Civil Engineer | Ashley & Vance Engineering
Contractor | Pathos Construction Inc.